Web Development

I have experience working on front end and backend programming. Generally my experience has been in two languages, Javascript and PHP. I tend to focus mostly on the backend of the website and my skills at website architecture and Object oriented programming shine.

I have significant experience with WordPress, Drupal and Magento platforms, as well as custom builds using various libraries and frameworks. I have experience with Laravel and Symfony PHP frameworks, as well as JS frameworks like React, Vue.JS, and Express.


the frontend of the website is any element that is visible in the the browser. this generally includes html, css, and javascript functionality. Often taking designs from Photoshop, XD, or similar prototyping tools and implementing them as close to pixel perfect as possible.

With front end development I have experience with styling and javascript frameworks like Vue.JS and React. I can create styled, and responsive websites that are fast and up to modern standards. I know various backend css preprocessors including Sass and Less. I have experience converting designs/Prototypes in Figma and Photoshop into css and html


For backend development I try to avoid spaghetti code as much as possible. while in some cases this can add a little time up front I find that for long term maintainability separation of concerns is critical. I focus on creating modules that tackle a specific task or purpose solving a user story and loosely coupling components together to keep one module from become too interdependent on another.


Every Project I work on is version controlled and I release the source code to my clients. I use Git as my primary version control tool although I have experience working with SVN.


I have worked for the last 5 years in leadership roles for web development and digital marketing projects. During that time I maintained active hands on development that kept my technical skills sharp. I also provided leadership to teams of developers including offshore developers working on projects of various complexity. From custom frameworks to large scale Magneto websites to mom and pop shops running on WordPress. I was often responsible for setting deadlines, creating and executing tasks and ensuring project budgets and timelines were kept.

Most projects follow the following deliverables
1)Technical Specification
2)Establish a clear timeline
3)Revise Budget (as necessary)
4)Project Work Starts
5)Quality Control Starts