System Integration

I work with the latest programming tools to create system integrations between web services. 

Website to crm integration

Tho is often the most straightforward and simple implementation.  Usually setting up a contact form with a a hook to send information to the crm system with a key.  This can get more sophisticated with retrieving client information into a custom portal.

Payment processing integration

I have worked with stripe, and many other Payment processing systems to build shopping cart integrations.  From simple form payment processing to complicated fee structures and tokenized card systems would can integrate many features into the system.  I work under the latest guidelines of pci rules to ensure compliance and security is taken seriously

Inventory integration

Inventory can be the bane of online e-commerce I can build a system that automates the majority of inventory management.  If your vendor has an exposed api, or your erp system has an api I can write a simple application to manage inventory to work with your website.

This can update both sides for sophisticated setups sending customer orders down from the website and updating inventory on both sides to ensure everything is kept in sync 

Application tracking integrations

Creating a job board?  I can ensure the smooth integration of your system by automating the process of job applications, client portals and pulling job information from your ATS system

Writing and API

Have a database or platform that you want retrieve information from? Let’s talk.  If I can access the data via a programming language I can write an extendable api for future or immediate use.